Feb. 11th 2021

I don't have much to say since I think my posts will be a better way to get to know me than a simple list of things about me, but here are a few:

My pronouns are he/him, English is my second language (so sorry if it's not that great) and I live in the faraway land of Canada.

I've been trying to make a website to post my art, criticism and emotions but even with the help of Zonelets i still lack motivation, so my posting schedule is still unclear.

I'm juggling multiple comic ideas at the time so I might post a lot about that, but I'm scared I'll get paralyzed by perfectionism if I try to post something outside a consistent style. Welp hope you stick around to watch me battle with that!!

Oh yeah last thing is I choose the nickname Bert because no one actually calls me that, and I'm scared I'm only blogging to feel cool and good about myself. idk if it's actually a good nickname tho :p

- Bert